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Sister Josephine is from the Philippines and did her mission work in Brazil. She talks about her vocation story and offers advice for young people on discernment.   

Caleb is a Catholic convert turned missionary who has an interesting story of his back and forth with a "not very knowledgable" cradle Catholic that eventually led him to become an...

Chris Lee - Missionary

Chris is a Focus Missionary. Zach and Father G talk to him about his prayer life, and his thoughts on how we spend time (it shows what we treasure).

Father Gabriel talks about his ministry in New York City and how they feed God's children there, literally.

Faith and Vaccinations

Dr. Bernard Sy of Lebanon discusses the real information about the covid vaccines with Zach and Father G. They also discuss objections of aborted tissue in one of the vaccines and ...

Analisa and John are musicians, married, and expecting. They talk about their call to marriage and the willingness to lay down their life for each other.  

Sr. Mara talks about her own path that led her to the thriving Dominican Sister House in Nashville.  

Sr. Mara Grace from the Dominican Sister House in Nashville talks about discerning for young women and finding your path possibly through sisterhood.  

Joseph was a Focus Missionary on college campuses and continues to drive new programs and outlets for young Christian adults here in Nashville.  

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